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The Best Nails for the Season

November 16th, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

When the cooler temperatures signify that autumn and winter are upon us, it also means that new nail polish colors are here to take over. Gone with the hot weather are the bright neons and cotton candy pastels, and in with the colder weather are the bold, the dramatics, the neutrals, and even the darks. Be sure to visit us and get your nails polish colors updated.

We have all of the latest collections and favorite nail polish brands that you can easily transition from the summer season to the fall/winter season with. For the fall and winter seasons, the colors that are all the rage are: forest and hunter greens, deeper reds along with burgundy, subtle mauves, and neutrals such as dark grey, taupe, and light tan. These colors not only complement mostly all skin tones, but will also keep you up to trend. Our nail expert can even offer tips on which exact shades complement you best.

Of course, it is a must to incorporate some holiday season hues into your nail wardrobe mix. Whether the nail polish shade is a stocking colored red, a Christmas tree green, or a sparkly translucent snow color, these shades will not only brighten your overall look, but also bring some extra holiday cheer wherever you go. Want to be adventurous? Ask our nail expert to mix a couple of shades together, whether painting every other nail a different pair of colors, or painting a standalone nail on each hand a distinctly different color. If you have the patience, ask for holiday inspired designs to keep up with the festive theme.

Colder weather often means drier conditions associated with cracking, splitting, and brittle nails. During your manicure, our nail expert will buff away any sign of damage on your nails and do away with any dryness especially around your cuticles and nail beds. If your nails are particularly brittle, base coats that include nail strengtheners are always an option.

The cooler weather of fall and winter is often a welcome relief from the summer heat and also provides a great time to visit us for a new nail wardrobe fix! Contact us and schedule your appointment today.

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