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Popular Shapes for Artificial Nails

September 2nd, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

If you're opting for adding length to your nails, consider what shape you would like them to be. We have the most requested, square-cut shape but there are other options.


The almond-shaped nail is becoming more popular. Just like an almond comes to a point at the top, so would your nail. It doesn't have to be a dagger point, but you'll notice the tip of your nail slims to a gradual point.


If you want your nails to have a rounded tip, that's what you should ask for. This look can change drastically with the length of your nail. If your nail is cut close to your fingertip, you'll have a nice rounded tip. If your nail is longer, you'll end up with a more oval shaped nail.


A lot of women opt for the square cut, which leaves your nail with a straight edge on top. You can have the square rounded a little on the sides. If you like that idea, ask for a squarely-rounded shape.

As always, if you have questions, just ask us. We can answer any questions you might have.


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Obtaining the Healthiest Hair Through Nutrition

August 12th, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

Anyone can have great hair -- yes, anyone. Really great hair can be had by all.  What you do at home can determine the health of your hair. Making sure that you eat a good "diet" is a vital component to having your best head of hair. And the "diet" we are referring to is not about cutting out foods, but rather making sure you add in the correct ones. 

Healthy Diet, Healthy Hair

Your hair is made mostly of protein, so yes, protein should be a major part of your diet. Lean cuts of beef or pork, along with poultry, milk and eggs are all delicious sources of protein. Wild salmon is another rich source of both protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. If you don't eat meat or if you're a vegan, don't stress. You can get the protein you need from kidney beans, lentils and other legumes.

But you can't just depend on protein. An overall balanced diet with foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, plus calcium, iron and zinc is necessary for a healthy scalp and strong hair. Crisp veggies, fresh fruits, "good" fats from sources like olive oil, whole grains, and nuts -- they're all essential to help you feel good and look good, including your hair.

If you're growing your hair long, add cabbage and cauliflower to your diet for silica that can help guard against breakage. And your mom was right about broccoli and spinach. They're especially good for promoting sebum, which lubricates your scalp and works like a natural conditioner for your hair.

If you love chocolate, you're in for a treat. It's actually good for you. No, really. Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants, which help fight the signs of aging on your face, body and scalp. But remember, chocolate is also loaded with calories, so enjoy it in moderation. Tomatoes, spinach, kiwis and blueberries are also good sources of antioxidants, and much easier on your waistline.

Another essential part of your diet? Plain old water. Not regular soft drinks, which are loaded with sugar and empty calories, which you don't need. Not diet soft drinks, which may not have calories, but don't supply nutrients, either. Tea is OK to a degree, but water is what your body and hair really need to stay hydrated and resist brittleness.

"Hair Vitamins"

If you don't get the vitamins you need from your diet, or if you're just looking for a boost, taking a multivitamin every day won't hurt, and could help improve your hair's health as well as your overall health. If you're hoping to grow your hair, look for supplements with biotin, which stimulates cell growth, plus MSM, which lengthens the hair growth cycle. In plain English, it means that taking supplements with biotin and MSM could potentially help you grow longer, thicker hair.

What you don't need are so-called hair vitamins, which are often marketed with grandiose promises of producing fast hair growth. You also don't need prenatal vitamins, which contain extra-high doses of folic acid and iron. If you actually have an iron deficiency, a slow-release iron supplement is a better choice. On the other hand, overdoses of folic acid and iron can cause serious health problems.

Basically, beautiful hair is a matter of taking care of the basics.


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Men's Brains and Your Manicure

August 2nd, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

We have noticed something rather curious lately. It seems that polls regarding what men find attractive in women often includes hands. Men say things like, "I'm attracted to well-groomed, feminine hands," or, "I loved the way our hands fit."

Weird, right? We thought so too until speaking with Maria Current, a sex therapist from Jackson, Michigan. Turns out men and women truly are different.

"Think about it," Current said. "A man's brain is wired differently than a female's. The hypothalamus in a man's brain is two and one-half times larger than a woman's. This is the most primal part of the brain, the part that focuses on eating, drinking, sex, providing and protecting."

While there are no studies showing what happens to a man's brain upon seeing a gorgeous set of hands, there are plenty that demonstrate a man's desire to be a protector. Perhaps this explains why the thought of a woman with feminine-looking hands appeals to a man at all.

It's likely that your hands look pretty great compared to most of the men you know. It's the juxtaposition that seems to appeal to the male species; his rough to your soft, his masculine to your feminine. While it would be easy to consider such talk sexist, it's really just the way they're hard-wired. They want to know that if a lion attacks, they're up to the task of protecting you.

There may be one more reason that well-kept hands are sexy. Through the ages men have sought women who could give them children. Their primal brains have taken everything into account - hip to waist ratio, fullness of the lips, and general overall health. Women who groomed regularly appeared to be healthier than those who didn't, making them more attractive to the opposite sex.

It's all rather silly, isn't it? But it's also interesting to consider why anyone ever went to the trouble to have a manicure. Today, you likely visit us because you like the way your hands and nails look afterwards. You don't call us for an appointment, thinking that soft, pretty hands are going to make a man fall in love with you. You call because a manicure is an opportunity to pamper yourself.

And to that we say, "Well done." We've come a long way, ladies.

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Skip Through Summer

July 17th, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

During the summer, women love to come see us for a mani-pedi, so they can break out their strappy sandals and flaunt their flirty feet. But we don't just add a layer of polish and send customers out the door. We give feet the TLC they need and deserve.

Before adding a candy-colored coat of polish, our nail technicians exfoliate and moisturize the skin. They magically make that calloused ring of dry skin around the heel disappear -- and that's a big deal. Calloused feet can be a summer downer. So, are a few tips to make sure feet look fresh and fabulous in flips flops between your visits with us.

Moisturize and sleep.

At the salon, nail technicians rub a healthy amount of lotion into the feet. You should do the same. Break out a good moisturizer and apply it to your feet at night. Put a pair of socks on to trap the moisture in while you sleep. It's best to choose a thick moisturizer, something you would use to heal cracked skin during the winter.

Buy a pumice stone.

If you haven't already, invest in a pumice stone. Nail technicians are experts at removing dead skin, but you can keep the rough patches at bay by pumicing your feet in between salon visits. By rubbing the pitted rock over the calloused area, the layers of dead skin can be removed. Try doing it while in the shower, so the skin is soft and pliable. Take it easy though -- rubbing too hard will cause more irritation.

Add a paraffin wax at your next salon visit.

A paraffin wax coats the hands or feet in warm wax. As it hardens, the ingredients in the wax open the pores and when the wax is peeled away the dead cells go with it. Adding a paraffin wax at your next appointment can keep the dry skin away a bit longer. Call to make your appointment today.

Feet are used to being covered by shoes and socks. After hiding all winter, summertime invites the toesies to come out and play. Whether it is skipping on the beach, or gliding through fresh grass, these three tips will keep toes in tip top shape - so go ahead and break out those strappy sandals.

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Healthy Summer Feet

July 2nd, 2013 • Posted by Tips In Toga • Permalink

In the summer months our feet get the heat. Wearing sandals, flip-flops, or trekking in bare feet cause dryness and cracking. It is the time when our feet snag on the bed sheets and we look before wearing shoes that don't cover the heel.

Our feet form protective layers called calluses that become thick, rough, and unattractive. It is important to give some regular attention to the feet during the warmer months to keep them healthy and looking their best. As you await your next pedicure, there is something that you can do in the meantime.

Using a foot file or pumice stone will help to remove the calluses. They can be used after soaking your feet in warm water or sitting in a warm bath. By briskly rubbing the callus with the tool the skin will start to slough away and show that smooth skin underneath. Be careful not to rub to forcefully as this will cause a lesion on the skin.

And don't forget to put lotion on afterward. Feet need to be moisturized too to keep the skin soft. To avoid slipping in your shoes, apply the lotion before bed so that it can soak in while you sleep.

Regular pedicures are the best way to maintain the feet during the heat and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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